Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Portable Handy Home Car Vacuum Cleaners Wireless 13000Pa Strong Suction Mini Cleaner

Price: 7,396 - 6,760

Xiaomi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Mini


Strong power, 88000 rpm.
The power of the whole machine is up to 120W.
13000PA strong suction power.
Multi-function mouth for deep cleaning.
One click to open the dust box.
No disassembly is required.
Working continuously for 30 minutes.
Small and portable, easy to store and use.
Aerodynamic air duct design.
Reduces wind resistance, low noise.
304 stainless steel filter.
Purification double filtration.

Mi Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight and portable

Surging suction

brushless motor

key dust

Wireless dust removal
Get rid of the shackles of wires, clean more freely, even in small messy corners can easily vacuum.
A vacuum cleaner that is slimmer than a vacuum flask
While helping you take care of it, it is still a beautiful landscape on the desktop.
Vacuuming, effortless, not tired
The main body is only 0.5kg, which is less than the weight of a bottle of water
Brushless motor with strong power, double air ducts for efficient cleaning
The use of high-performance brushless motors and an internal straight-through dual air duct design can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve cleaning efficiency. Equipped with a fast start-stop function to avoid dust left in the suction port when shutting down.
Easily pump up the water column at a height of 1.5 meters without falling back
The subversive suction performance instantly set off waves and waves, leaving the large particles of dust in life nowhere to hide.
Clean little mess
Flexible and compact, simple to operate, suitable for a variety of household cleaning scenes, no need to worry about snacks falling off the ground.
The secret weapon to protect your car
In haze and sandy weather, dust is easy to accumulate in the car, so you can suck It easily, and there is nowhere to hide the floating dust.
Lightweight and convenient desktop artifact
Multi-function suction head, to get a little trouble in cleaning
Flexible penetration, unreachable corners
Little keyboard cleaner
Slim and free, storage does not take up space
The compact and elegant design can be integrated into the environment wherever it is placed, and it can be used anytime to meet more cleaning needs.