VWX New Carbon Fishing Reel Only 126g Super light Aluminum Alloy Shallow Spool 4+1BB 5 KG Max Drag Baitcasting reel Casting Reel

Price: 9,256 - 5,276


+New compact design: only 126 grams, hummingbird carbon water drop wheel, long-term fishing without fatigue, super lightweight, specially designed for micro-lures, specializing in small baits, smooth long-range casting, comfortable and excellent performance!

+Magnetic Brake System: Efficient and stable to prevent line frying, with 30 adjustable gears, which can be adjusted according to the weight of the bait to ensure smooth throwing of the fishing reel.

+5KG unloading force: it is no problem to pull a 10lb big fish.

+6.3.1 Gear Ratio Model

+11g shallow line spool design, 1g throwing, allowing users to easily complete low-trajectory throwing, catapult and other microbial fishing skills.

+Ceramic cable outlet: smoother and does not hurt the cable.

+Sealed alloy gear bearing, waterproof, anti-sand, anti-rust


+Package weight: 0.155KG+Package includes: 1 roll one package.