Toothbrush Electric Smart Clean 6 Mode Sonic Toothbrush Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Teeth Whitening with Replacement Brush Head

Price: 2,320 - 1,723

Product Features:

Six beautiful teeth modes, smart one-touch cleaning.

C Pampering Mode: For novice and sensitive teeth gums.
P Massage Mode: Care massage gums, fresh and bright white.
W Cleaning Mode: Standard cleaning, daily use.
G Brightening Mode: Remove plaque bacteria, further whitening.
S Polishing Mode: Remove plaque bacteria, brighten and polish.
M White Mode: Powerful whitening, brush out small white teeth.

Adopting magnetic levitation power sonic technology, realizing 32,000 times/minute high-frequency sonic vibration, directly to the bristles, deep cleaning teeth surface stains, plaque bacteria.

Two functional brush heads: bamboo charcoal fine soft brush head and 3D wave brush head.

Bamboo Charcoal Brush Head: Compared with ordinary bristles, the bamboo charcoal brush head is more moisture-resistant, which helps to keep the bristles dry and minimize the reproduction of bacteria. The bristles contain bamboo charcoal C active ions, which can easily absorb plaque away from the surface of the teeth, healthy and white teeth. The soft bristles of the brush head have a smaller diameter than ordinary bristles, so they can go deeper into the crevices for deep cleaning. And the bristles are softer, taking care of the gums from damage.

3D wave brush head: wave-shaped 3D three-dimensional cut, deep cleaning corners, each root is rounded by the standard grinding treatment, to avoid scratching the tooth surface, unique shear process is more suitable for pressing out the contour, fit the teeth edges and corners of the cleaning.

2 minutes intelligent cleaning, 30 seconds to change the zone reminder. Intelligent brush head sensory pressure care. Reduce oral damage, bring you together with scientific brushing bright white teeth.

USB fast charging, high-performance lithium-ion lithium battery 60 days of long-lasting battery life.

IPX7 waterproof, one-piece molding waterproof new technology, full-body washing water immersion without worry.

Product size: 3.1*3.1*25.2CM

Box size: 9.5*3.5*19.5CM

Net weight: 81g

Gross weight: 165g

Package Includes:

Toothbrush host *1 

Brush head *(3 or 5)

Type-C charging cable *1 

Instruction manual *1