Thicken Rabbit Plush Sofa Cover Universal Non-slip Sofa Mat Winter Warm Soft Sofa Towel Couch Cushion for Living Room Home Decor

Price: 3,535 - 4,751


All sofa covers are sold as individual pieces. This price is for one sofa cover (not the whole set).

Todas as coberturas de sofá são vendidas como peças individuais. Este preço é por uma capa de sofá (não o conjunto completo).

Toutes les housses de canapé sont vendues en pièces détachées. Ce prix est pour une housse de canapé (pas pour l'ensemble).

Все диванные чехлы продаются как отдельные изделия. Эта цена указана за один чехол для дивана (не за весь комплект).

Todas las fundas de sofá se venden como piezas individuales. Este precio es para una funda de sofá (no para todo el conjunto).

In the size options you can choose the right size, usually a set of sofas requires a combination of multiple sizes! ! ! The size of the sofa cover you choose should be 20~30cm larger than the actual size of the sofa. The rest can be hung down to protect the side of the sofa or tucked under the sofa to prevent slipping.

If you encounter any problem, please contact us, we will help you solve it, thank you

About chromatic aberration: The product pictures are all taken in kind, and are as consistent as possible with the real object.

Unit: 1 inch = 2.54 cm Pillowcase size 45×45 cm [without pillow]

The method to choose the sofa cover
1. Backrest
If G < 60cm , you can choose 70x70cm
If 60cm < G < 75cm , you can choose 90x90cm
2. Armrest
Please choose armrest according to the dimension  I*K
3. Seat Cover

Please choose     E*(F+20~30cm) 1pc, B*(A+20~30cm) 1pc, C*(D+20~30cm)