Summer Cat Bed Woven Removable Upholstery Sleeping House Cat Scratch Floor Rattan Wear-resistant Washable Cat Pet Supplies

Price: 2,137 - 2,717

Features: breathable
Material: paper rope + short plush + PP cotton
Color: Large (46CM/18kg cat)
Color: Medium (41CM/12kg)
Color: Small (33CM/little milk cat) (no toy ball)
Applicable object: cat
Category: Pet Beds, Cages

Notes to buyers
The nest is woven with natural plants, which is easy to compress and restore. Due to long-distance transportation, extrusion is inevitable. Those who have just received the goods will restore the shape of the nest after about two days. I hope you can place the nest for a few days Come back to evaluate in a few days, please don't make negative comments at will, if you have any questions, please contact our customer service in time

Note: All styles are hand-woven, and the materials are also natural plant materials. It is inevitable to have spliced interfaces and thread ends after receiving the goods, and it is not a quality problem.