Spinning Fishing Reel 3000 4000 5000 Series Ultralight Max Drag 15kg Surfcasting Spinning Reel Saltwater Jigging Reels

Price: 4,537 - 1,260


Color:Metallic silver

Fishing Reels Type: Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel

Fishing Method: Spinning

Ratio 3000-5000: 5.2:1

Baits Type: Fake Bait

Max Drag: 15kg

Package including:

1pc spinning fishing reel

Core selling points:

3+1BB single item without gap, 15KG strong braking force, loud metal ticks.

Metal line cup, large capacity;

The main bearing is thickened inside, the power is strengthened, and it is sturdy and durable;

Highly smooth line wheel,

Bold the throwing ring, the resistance is small and the throw is farther;

Strengthen the main body, stable and not shaking.

How to use:

Tip 1: Before throwing the pole, control the distance between the bait and the pole tip.

Tip 2: When qualifying, hook your fingers on the main line.

Tip 3: Use wrist strength for light bait and waist strength for heavy bait.

Tip 4: After the bait falls into the water, be sure to close the line in time.

Beginners can practice repeatedly according to these four skills. I wish you a happy fishing!


1. fishing boats are generally marked with the amount of line entanglement, the line can not be too full, otherwise it is easy to jump line.

2. When casting the pole, pay attention to avoid people and objects around to ensure that the fishing hook will not hang to the obstacle when casting the pole.

3. Do not be impatient and nervous when frying the line. You can remove the fishing wheel and slowly straighten out the fishing line and then reinstall it.