Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrushes Teeth Cleaner Whitening Instrument Waterproof USB Fast Charging Device For Dental Brush

Price: 2,362 - 715

High frequency vibration,Strong cleaning,
NO damage to glaze.

Effective removal
●Dental plaque ●Dental calculus
●Dental scale ●Cigarette stains tea stains

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of electric tooth cleaner,
with charging high freguency electric tooth cleaner, The battery high
frequency electric tooth cleaner can replace the real ultrasonic tooth
cleaner to provide the service for customersPlenty of choice.

Quality Certificate

Brush your teeth every day. Your teeth may not be clean

Have you cleaned the residue between teeth and gingival line?
Toothbrush can't clean stubbom stains, sonic cleaner can help you solve

Professional removal of dental calculus

Dental stain,Tobacco stain,Tea stain,Dental plaque

High efficiency magnetic levitation acoustic motor

Bring strong cleaning effect to teeth

High Frequency vibration,Mute,Long endurance,USB charging, Five modes,IP*7 Waterproof,Easy Shuttle Medical grade dental head.

High efficiency magnetic levitation acoustic motor

Always put safety first. Medical grade alloy steel

Clean your teeth and freshen your breath

IP×6 Waterproof

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