Sonic Electric Toothbrush Adult USB C Rechargeable IPX7 Cleaning Whitening 15Mode Dental Care 10 Replaceable Brush Heads P5S LCD

Price: 9,626 - 4,469

  • The LCD screen displays infomation

  • Displays the number of days the brush head can be used counted down

  • IPX7 waterproof, the all body can be washed

  • 1500mAh Battery Capacity,USB Type C 5V charging, Charging time 4 hours, can be used continuously for 60-150 days

  • 42,000 storks/min high-frequency vibration for deep oral cleaning

  • 5 modes: Clean/White/Sensitive/Gum Care/Massage, each with 3 intensity adjustments

  • 30-second zone reminder timer / 2-minute auto-stop timer

  • 3 seconds gradual strong start function,prevents toothpaste splashing, relieves the direct impact of the toothbrush on teeth and mouth, and effectively avoids gum discomfort

Product Information:
  • Brand: Jmore

  • Model: P5S

  • Brush Head: High- density flocking DuPont 0.152mm

  • Voltage: 3.7V

  • Size: With brushhead total height 9.4inch(23.8cm), brush handle width 1.1inch(2.8cm)

Package Information:
  • P5S Toothbrush Handle

  • Replaceable Brush Heads

  • USB Type-C Charging Cable

  • User Manual


Vibration frequency up to 42000 times/min
Higher frequency for more effective cleaning of teeth

About 60-150 days of use on a full charge (2min x 2 times per day)
Overcharge & over-discharge protection
Battery icon will flash when low power,Type C charging cable.

LCD Screen Display .
View information on mode, intensity, battery and time to replace the brush head on the LCD screen
Choose from 5 modes and 3 intensity levels to suit your teeth

More than IPX7 waterproof standard production, you can rest assured to use.

30 seconds to remind changing the area of brushing,helps to ensure the correct time brushing, 2 minutes automatic shutdown.
You can press and hold the ON/OFF button for 4 seconds to pause brushing your tooth.
When the data is 00, the icon flashes to remind you that you need to replace the new brush head.
When replacing a new brush head, long press the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds before turning on, and the time will be reset to 90 days.
Recommended to change the brush head every three months for your oral health.

BH901 is suitable for cleaning and whitening daily, I t is suitable for adults.

BH801 is suitable for whitening and cleaning daily, It is suitable for adults.

BH701 is suitable for cleaning, tooth root deep cleaning, cleaning of teeth gaps, braces wearer.It is suitable for aldult and children over 6 years old.



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