Portable Velvet Jewelry Ring Jewelry Display Organizer Box Tray Holder Earring Jewelry Storage Case Showcase with Glass Cover

Price: 2,044 - 1,099

1. Made of high quality material is stronger, tougher, more durable and not easy to tear.
2. Can protect your jewelry from scratches and marks.
3. Take up little space, so that all your beloved jewelry neatly and clearly displayed.
4. You can collect rings, earrings, necklaces. You can also according to your interests, beads, buttons, souvenir storage, suitable for most types of items.
5. Able to keep jewelry for a long time, I believe this is a good choice for you, and a wonderful gift for friends
6. High transparency glass allows you to easily find the jewelry you need through the lid
Note: This product is for storage and does not contain any jewelry

Category: storage box
Material: density board (wood) + flocked cloth + glass + alloy
Color: gray, beige
Style: three compartments, nine compartments, long strip
Size: about 20*15*5cm
Suitable for: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, small accessories, souvenirs, etc.
Package includes: 1 * a storage box