Portable Compact Refrigerator Multifunction Mini Beauty Face Cosmetics Fridge Drink Cooler Warmer Fridge Freezer for Home Car

Price: 2,851 - 1,711


Item Type:Multifunctional Portable Fridge

Material: PP (edible)

Product Voltage: Home Use 220V / Car Use 12V

Rated Power: 48~60W

Capacity: About 4L

Function: Cooling / Heating

Cooling Temperature: 20~25℃ (25℃ lower than ambient temperature)

Heating Temperature: Up to 65℃

Weight: 1.6kg

Product Size: 24*17.5*23cm/9.4*6.9*9in


– Ideal Cooling Warehouse:

Can decrease its inner temperature to 20℃ lower than that of the environment for you to effectively maintain the efficacy & vitality of skincare products and prolong their service life.

– Additional Heating Function:

Can also heat up the temperature to 65℃, which is perfect for the preservation of the flavor of food. The cosmetics, like facial mask, can be heated before use for better absorption and using experience.

– Portable Design:

This home & car dual use fridge is specially designed with compact body and light weight, enabling it to be effortlessly carried around and brings freshness to your cosmetics, food and even medicine.

– Ultra-large Space:

With up to 4L inner space, it can easily accommodate all your skin care products or other items. Its inner partition can be taken down to further enlarge the room and store something of larger size.

Package List:

12V for Car:

1*Main Machine

1*Car Use Power Cord



220V for Home:

1*Main Machine

1*Car Use Power Cord

1*Home Use Power Cord




1.Open and close the fridge door quickly to preserve its inner cool/hot air.

2.Do not put the foods or drinks in it immediately after plugging in. Instead, wait until it cools down/heats up the inner temperature.

3.Foods and drinks should be placed in order rather than tightly packed together, as the former helps the cool/hot air to better circulate in the fridge.

4.If you intend to not use the fridge for a long time, pull out the the power plug and remove its contents. It is best to clean it regularly to avoid any pollution.


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