Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Strong Suction 6000PA Vacuum Cleaner Mini Handheld Cleaning Desktop Office 6000 PA

Price: 5,227 - 2,927

120W high-performance powerful motor with abundant power and surging suction The turbo blade is equipped with a powerful motor, which can effectively and quickly absorb stubborn dust.
Strong suction, upgraded digital high-speed motor, wind pressure increased to 6000PA to bring strong suction, easily remove dust, residue, , pet hair, etc. in the car, the whole car is clean and new
A of accessories are matched and cleaned without dead ends. The accessories are complete, where you want to suck. A of accessory nozzles can be freely according to your needs. The gaps, corners, and seats in the car are covered with fine dust visible to the eye, and the residue is removed. need a vacuum cleaner
Bass operation Upgraded exhaust design effectively reduces noise, locks the noise inside the body, and directs the air to the lower side, making it more comfortable to hold
The HEPA filter is washable and prevents dust from being adsorbed during use. The filter maintains a suction force and has good air permeability and is easy to wash. Product parameters
Model: 105C
Suction: 6000PA
Power: 120W
Input voltage: DC-5V-2A
Battery capacity: 2000mAh x 2
Battery life: 18 minutes
Charging time: 3.5-4H
Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Dust cup capacity: 125mL
①.50W vacuum cleaner
②.4Kpa vacuum degree, dust is swept ③.3.5-4H fast charging
④. Quiet work, noise ≤ 85dB
⑤.18min super long battery life
⑥. Vehicle, home, office, multi-application scenarios
⑦.2000mA x 2 high capacity battery Package Contents:
1 x Vacuum Cleaner Host
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Multifunctional Brush
1 x Extension Tube
2 x Connection Nozzle