Pet P Chain Nylon Collar Dog Training Accessories Adjustable Size Big Dog Collar Harness Outdoor Training Leash Pet Supplies

Price: 855 - 339

The Dog Safety Simple Train Collar Pet Protect Adjustable Soft Leash Household Solid Universal Wear-resistant Durable


Name: Solid Color P-type Item Ring (thick)

Size: S/M/L

Material: Nylon

Use Object: All Dogs

Color: As Shown In Figure


1. Natural Shrinkage, Explosion-proof Punch, Strong Available

2. Dog Training Explosion-proof, Large-scale Adjustment

3. Climbing Rope Material, The Main Material Selection Of Climbing Rope Material, Soft, Resistant To Pull, Wear

4. Rubber Gourd Buckle Metal Ring, Anti-bite, Anti-crack, Rubber Gourd Buckle, Split Traction Metal Ring, Can Buckle Traction Rope

5. Adjustable Sliding Leather Buckle. The Outer End Is Designed With Sliding Leather Buckle To Prevent Detachment And Escape. If The Collar Is Too Large, The Neck Circumference Length Can Be Adjusted At Will.

Package Included:

1 * Traction Rope