Pet Collars Adjustable Double Layer Padded Collar PP Foam Neckband Soft Durable For Small Medium Large Dogs Teddy Bulldog Beagle

Price: 265 - 618

Collar PP Webbing Lining Polypropylene Pet Foam Dog Collar Collar Traction Pet Supplies
Product Name: Pet Foam Dog Collar
Product Material: Nylon, Lining Polypropylene (Soft And Comfortable)
Product Color: Blue,Black,Red,Army Green,Red Black Side,Black Red Side,Blue Black Side,Blue Red Side,Green Black Side,Black Green Side
Product Size:
S     1.5x45CM
M    2.0x48CM
L     2.5x50CM
XL   3.0x60CM
XXL 4.0x70CM
Product Specifications:
S     1.5CM Width  26~36CM Adjustable
M    2.0CM Width  32~42CM Adjustable
L     2.5CM Width  35~45CM Adjustable
XL   3.0CM Width  40~55CM Adjustable
XXL 4.0CM Width  46~58CM Adjustable
Applicable Object: General For Cats And Dogs
Product Description:
Foam pet collar, available in 10 colors, polypropylene hemp cotton is sturdy and durable, and the neck circumference can be adjusted, which is convenient and quick!
Double layer, outer layer of fine polypropylene material, soft, strong, inner foam, super comfortable, PP foam neckband, pet collars are all foam, it will not cause excessive force to yourself or the dog during the pull The strain, neck collar 4-speed adjustment function, to meet the needs of different dogs!
Note:This is a manual measurement, and there may be an error of 2-3 cm. The color of the item shown in the photo may be slightly different on the computer monitor, because the calibration method of the monitor is different. Hope for understanding, please refer to the actual product.
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