Personalized Photo Tumbler Mugs Smart Thermos Cups Customized Water Bottle Temperature LED Display Vacuum Flask Stainless Steel

Price: 4,191 - 2,724

Smart Stainless Steel Thermal Mugs Insulation Water Bottle LED Temperature Display Intelligent Thermos Bottles Coffee Cups 500ML


1.Touch the lid lightly to display the current water temperature and eliminate the potential hot mouth.

2.When not in use can automatically extinguish the screen long battery life without replacement

3.IPS7 grade waterproof design, the lid can be washed directly, no leakage.

4.Optimal health 304 material long-term insulation corrosion resistance visible protection

5.Multi-layer silica gel seal 360 shaking does not leak


1. 304 high-quality stainless steel material, healthy and safe, strong and durable

2. Smart cup lid, gently touch the lid, the temperature is immediately displayed, and the temperature of the water is easily obtained

3. Business, office thermos, portable, large capacity, hermetically sealed

4. Suitable as a customized gift thermos: wedding gifts, business openings, advertising campaigns, etc.