Pegboard Wall Panels Pegboard Wall Organizer Mounting Display Diy Pegboard Kit Tool Storage Panel Board Rack Bathroom Kitchen

Price: 1,699 - 813

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Product Information 

*Name: Multifunction Pegboard

*Model: Pegboard, Storage box, Storage rack, Storage rack with enclosure, Multi-functional storage rack, Toolframe, Condiment dispenser, Tissue box, Multi-function hook, Cleaning cloth rack, Storage basket, Clip, Flower pot, Cup holder, etc. For more information, see item options in the main picture.

*Size:  Pegboard size is 28x28x1.2CM, the size of other items, please see the component list below.

*Material: Advanced PP

*Function: Kitchen, living room, studio, item classification, wall hanging, display.

*Features: Items are sorted. Neat and fresh. It can be expanded seamlessly on multiple boards. Think as big as you want. Using high-quality viscose, strong bearing capacity, strong and durable. Hole-free installation. Choose from creative combinations, hooks, storage racks, and more. All products are harmless to the human body, environmentally friendly, healthy, pollution-free, and zero-emission.

*Return Policy: Free return without any reason.