Outdoor Helix Hummingbird Feeder Easy Clean Leak Proof Outside Wild Bird Feeder Drinker Hanging Yard Garden Decoration Supplies

Price: 3,734 - 2,013

Product name: Helix Hummingbird feeder
Capacity: Holds 23.5 Fluid oz. of Nectar (11.75 oz. each side)
Dimension: 7.75" diameter by 11.75" tall
Material: plastic
inner box size for single helix:    28*15.5*9cm,    460g weight.
inner box size for double helix:  28×15.5x15cm , 650g weight.

16 ports arranged to mimic flower clusters in nature.
32 ports arranged to mimic flower clusters in nature.
Attract More Birds – 3-4 times more ports than other feeders.
Helical Design – Mimics flower clusters in nature creating instinctive feeding patterns so birds stay longer.
Easy Clean – Quick-clean through flip-top; or feeder comes apart for a deep clean.
Design Inspired by DNA Strands – Fits more ports into a compact size.
Durable, impact-resistant construction allows for years of enjoyment. Robust UV-stabilized resins withstand the elements.

3.Package included:
1x Hummingbird Feeder