Outdoor Auto Wireless Solar Bird Feeder With Camera Capture 1080P Bird Feeders House With Cameras AI-Smart Identify Bird Species

Price: 15,102 - 10,571

Outdoor Garden Waterproof Smart Window Bird Feeder Wildlife Gazebo Feeding & Watering Supplies Bird Accessories with Camera


1. VISITOR NOTIFICATION: Smart bird feeder can automatically identify visiting birds, corresponding to the APP can set the option of visitor notification, you can check the status of the smart bird feeder device and view the visiting birds anytime and anywhere.
2. HD CAMERA: Camera bird feeder comes with HD camera, which can be controlled by cell phone, taking super wide angle HD photos and recording 1080P HD real time video.
3. BIRD IDENTIFICATION: Intelligent bird feeder has artificial intelligence bird identification, which can accurately collect in depth data, such as bird shape, feathers, sound with sub second case detection and image processing, which can quickly identify a variety of birds.
4. LARGE CAPACITY: Smart bird feeder camera is designed with a large capacity of 2.5L, which can sustain multi day feeding, built in microphone supports two way intercom, and comes with a solar charging panel to save energy.
5. NIGHT VISION: Smart bird feeder uses high tech AI intelligent identification, the camera uses leading artificial intelligence algorithms, 1080P HD real time video, 1080P high resolution, with night vision function, you can also view the species of birds at night.

Item Type: Smart Bird Feeder
Material: Fireproof ABS, Stainless Steel, Solar Panels
Use: AI Intelligent Identification Bird Feeder for Outdoor Birds
Capacity: 2.5 L
Battery Type, Capacity: 1 x Li Ion Battery 18650 (5200mAh) ( Shipped with Built in Battery)
Camera Parameters: Ultra Wide Angle, 2MP Pictures, 1080P HD Real Time Video
Microphone: Built in Waterproof Microphone
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Camera and Cell Phone Connection: WIFI and Bluetooth
Camera Rotatable Angle: 130 Degrees
Recognition Function: 11000+ Bird Species Recognition Function, Motion Recognition Function
Charging Method: Solar Charging Board, USB Connection Cable

Package List:
1 x Bird Feeder
1 x Stand
1 x Stand Connection Parts
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Card Pin
1 x Sticker
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Waterproof Rubber Cover
4 x Long Screws
4 x Expansion Screw Tube
3 x Flat Screws
2 x Small Screws

Shipped without memory card

How to use:
Cell phone connection instructions:
1.Download "Bird Lover" App from for IOS Store or for Google play, you can also download it by scanning the QR code on the book, after downloading, enter your usual cell phone number or email address and select your region. You will receive a login account, enter the login account and create a password.
2. Enter the interface of the app, select "Add Device" or "+" to add your new device.
3. Select your device, turn on your feeding device, make sure the red indicator flashes quickly, and follow the steps in the app to successfully add your feeding device.