Original Xiaomi T700 Sonic Electric Toothbrush LED Display IPX7 Waterproof Super Dense Soft Bristle Inductive Charging

Price: 11,794 - 8,256

Xiaomi Mijia T700 Sonic Electric Toothbrush LED Display IPX7 Full Machine Waterproof Super Dense Soft Bristle Inductive Charging


1.T700 is currently the highest-end electric toothbrush in the Mijia brand. It has a high-quality appearance and black brushing technique. It was jointly developed by Dr. Bei and Xiaomi!
2.200% ultra-high-density soft hair, deep cleansing, cares for the gums.
3.Large-scale LED smart screen, the mode function is clear at a glance, and you can customize personalized nicknames and expressions.
4.Stepless power control, precise control of brushing force
5.Six-axis gyroscope positioning, precise positioning of the brushing angle, and professional brushing recommendations
6.Connected to Mijia Smart Internet of Things, heat, sensitive, whitening mode, care for every state of teeth

Package listing:

2*Brush heads
1*Charging Base

Xiaomi Mijia T700 Electric Toothbrush

-Super dense soft bristles
-Infinite power regulation;
-LED Smart Large Screen
-Personalized customization Mode

Best Professional Electric Toothbrush

we upgrade the bristles , handle , brushheads , make it’s more professional

High Quality Super soft bristles

Around brush diameter is 0.127mm, Middle is 0.152mm ; Very suitable for sensitive oral cavity, soft, delicate and non-irritating, and can penetrate deep into the gingival gap to clean tooth stains

4mm Super Thin Brushhead

Compared with ordinary brush heads, it is more compact, has a more comfortable entrance, and can easily penetrate and clean the corners of the mouth.

Double The Number of Bristles

Higher density brings stronger cleaning power and comprehensMagnetic Levitation Sonic Motor

39600 times/min high frequency swing, powerful provides super cleaning power. At the same time, the use of shock-absorbing materials greatly reduces the discomfort of shaking handsively cleans food residues

One-button Power Adjustment

The handle button can directly adjust the brushing power, from soft to strong, multiple gears can be changed at will, suitable for different oral conditions

Tooth Brushing Mode APP Customization

In addition to the two modes, standard mode and soft mode, you can also customize your own brushing strength and duration by connecting to the Mijia APP to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Overvoltage Smart Reminder

When the brushing force is too strong, the over-pressure reminder is activated to prevent the gums from bleeding due to excessive force

Integrated comfortable design, skin-friendly coating

24 Days Long Battery Life

1050mAh battery capacity , Long battery life when fully charged once.Wireless inductive charging, very easy to use.

IPX7 Waterproof , Support Body Wash.

Detail of Design

【Metal Button Design】Quality touch, durable; 【Back Bump Design】Comfortable to hold and prevent slipping; 【Silicone ring for charging base】Effective anti-skid, safe placement.