Mini Fridge car refrigerator 8L mini portable student dormitory rental household refrigerated cosmetics mini refrigerator

Price: 6,949 - 6,287

[Tips for Car Refrigerator]:

Principle: Different from ordinary household refrigerators cooled by compressors, car-mounted refrigerators rely on electronic chips for refrigeration, and make use of P-N junctions made of special semiconductor materials to produce Peltier effect, that is, a new refrigeration method by direct current refrigeration. It can both refrigerate and heat and refrigerate.Minimum 5 ℃(with the indoor temperature difference of about 20 ℃), the heating is the highest65℃(the specific temperature varies depending on the ambient temperature.).

[Application scope of car refrigerator]: suitable for fresh storage and heat preservation of beverages, food, fruits, cosmetics and milk.