Mini Car Fridge 8L Portable Refrigerator Compressor Quick Cooling Fridge for Car Freezer Camping Desktop Refrigerator 2 Colours

Price: 42,780

Product parameters:

Name: Mini Car Refrigerator
Model: CRBX01
Color: white/pink
Power: 60W
Capacity: 8L
Cooling temperature difference: 25℃
Size: 360*275*290mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Applicable position: home/car
Accessories list: refrigerator x1, car DC power cord 1.5mx1, household AC power cord 1.2mx1


●mini refrigerator, comes with AD and DC power cords, which can be used at home or in the car;
8L capacity, it can hold about 8 bottles of 330ml cola at a time;
●dual-purpose cold and hot, temperature range 0℃-65℃, refrigerated in summer, warm in winter;
●high efficiency and energy saving, using about 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity a day;
●suitable for refrigerated summer beverages, fruits, skin care products (lipstick, mask, perfume, etc.), warm winter bento, hot coffee and milk drinks, etc.