Mewoofun Wooden Pet Sofa Four-Season Universal Washable Cat Dog Bed Chairs for Summer Easy Assembly Teddy Perfect

Price: 11,290 - 10,838


1. Superior Weight Capacity: The wooden sofa bed offers exceptional weight capacity, ensuring worry-free lounging and relaxation.

2. Durable Wooden Structure: The wooden structure of the sofa bed is sturdy and long-lasting, preventing sagging or collapsing over time.

3. Ventilated and Moisture-Proof Bottom: From the gound 12cm, the sofa bed’s bottom is designed to be breathable and moisture-proof, preventing mold or dampness.

4. Easy-to-Clean Removable Cover: The sofa bed’s removable cover is made of skin-friendly canvas fabric and is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Soft and Comfortable Sponge Filling: The sofa bed is filled with soft and comfortable sponge, providing a cozy and comfortable lounging experience.