MewooFun Adjustable Large Cat Window Perch Hammock Pet Cat Bed Lying Seat with 2-sided Cushion Holding Up to 18kg

Price: 6,771 - 4,063

Comfortable Cat Window Perch Hammock

The Cat Window Perch Hammock Large for Indoor Cats is a comfortable and adjustable resting spot designed specifically for cats. With dimensions of 55x35cm, it provides a spacious area for your feline friend to relax and observe the world outside through a window.

Adjustable Cat Window Perch Hammock

This cat window bed features a hammock-style design, allowing your cat to lay and lounge comfortably while enjoying a cozy perch with a view. The hammock is made of durable and sturdy materials to ensure it can safely support your cat's weight.
One of the key features of this window perch is its adjustability. It can be easily attached to windows of various sizes, thanks to its adjustable straps. This ensures a secure and stable fit, allowing your cat to feel safe and relaxed while resting on the perch.

Cat Bed with 2-sided Cushion

The cat window perch comes with a two-sided cushion that adds extra comfort for your pet. The cushion is reversible, providing two different surface options for your cat to choose from, depending on their preference or mood.

Multi-scenario application

In summary, the Cat Window Perch Hammock Large for Indoor Cats offers a spacious and adjustable window bed with a hammock-style design. It includes a reversible cushion for added comfort and can be easily attached to windows of different sizes. Give your indoor cat a comfortable and enjoyable spot to relax while observing the world outside.

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