Memory Foam U Shaped Pillow Neck Pillow Nap Cervical Pillow Nap Pillow Neck Pillow U Shaped Pillow for Airplane Sleeping by Car

Price: 2,640 - 560

Helps maintain proper head and neck alignment while sitting and traveling
Made of high quality particles.
Molds perfectly to your neck.
Great for travel or use for neck support anywhere you like

Material: Cotton, Polyester
Filling: EPS foam particles
Feature: Massage
Shape: U-Shape
Special Features: Neck Protection Pillow

Package Includes1:
1 x Pillow

Package Includes2:

1 x Pillow+1XStorage bag

Reminder: Memory cotton U-shaped pillow cleaning method: U-shaped pillow jacket is removable, can be washed by hand or machine, but its inner core does not need to be cleaned, do not put into the washing machine to stir, so as not to damage the structure of memory cotton and shorten its service life.

The inner core does not need to be cleaned; do not expose to the sun.