MANON Dash Cam 24H Camera Parking Monitor Built-in GPS HD 1080 Rear Lens Car DVR Camera Dashcam Black Box Car Driving Recorder

Price: 17,941 - 8,044

HD 1080 driving recorder car front and rear three-record multi-lens video surveillance with induction car recorder

Language: Ten languages including English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Cambodian


*1. The driving recorder is small in size and does not need to be installed to cover the rearview mirror of the original car. It is equipped with special self-adhesive stickers and can be installed quickly in two minutes. Equipped with electrostatic film sticking more firmly without falling off, easy to remove, not damaging the car film, and not obstructing the line of sight.

*2. The dashboard camera employs two cameras, which can be rotated 360-degree toward the front and rear of the car to monitor all directions.

*3. The backward high-definition waterproof lens easily covers the blind area when reversing, and you don’t need to look around when reversing, and the reversing image can be easily stored.

*4. Protect your car 24/7 with loop recording function.

*5. After the car is stopped and turned off, the machine will enter the dormant state. Once the car shakes slightly, it will automatically turn on and record the video to retain evidence.