Luxury Leather Sofa Cover Seat Cushion Non-slip Wide Edging Case Couch Cover Sofa Towel Modern Simple Universal Sofa Protection

Price: 1,650 - 3,924

The method to choose the sofa cover

1. Seat Cover

Please choose  Ex(F+20cm) 1pc,    Bx(A+20cm) 1pc,   Cx(D+20cm) 1pc,

2. Backrest

If G < 60cm , you can choose 70x70cm

If 60cm < G < 75cm , you can choose 90x90cm

If G >75cm , you can choose 110x110cm

3. Armrest

Please choose armrest according to the dimension IxK


You will get: sofa cover * 1 piece 
All sofa covers are sold piece by piece.(not full set cover)
Pillowcase size 45 x45 cm【Without pillow】
This product photo show is a whole set, only as reference,but sell by 1 pcs specific size,  in the size option you could choose your suitable size,usually one set sofa need multiple size combination !!!

If you don’t know how to choose, please feel free to contact us.