Liv-Esthete Women Sleep Gift 100% Silk Pink Pillow King Queen Silk Inner Pillow For Sleeping Neck Protection Bed Jacquard Pillow

Price: 26,117 - 11,230

100% Silk Inner Pillow

Filling: 100% Natural Silk
SIZE: 48*74 CM/19*29 in
Package: 1 Pcs

★ The most luxurious silk of all – Pure Mulberry silk pillow. Silk's natural anti-aging properties help keep skin moisturized and hair smooth.
★Made with a charmeuse weave, resulting in a supple, luxurious caress that you hope to find in a pure silk pillow.
★ Hypo-allergenic. Health and Beauty Professionals recommend silk pillow because of its natural moisture retention properties.
★ Silk pillow have been used by celebrities and Hollywood starlets for decades to keep their skin and hair smooth and youthful. It's your turn. Order a luxurious silk pillow today.
★ 100% NATURE & HEALTHY – Made by natural materials, Natural Mulberry Silk is purified and sterilized by ECO treatment without allergic reaction. Naturally safety, hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Safety certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Downpass.