LINGDU AM100 4K Dash Cam ADAS GPS Camera Front Cam 150FOV Car DVR 24H Parking Support Rear Interior Cam WIFI & App Control

Price: 17,856 - 15,170

LINGDU AM100 4K Dash Cam with ADAS

Carefully Designed Hardware: Equipped with NT98529 chipset | Sony IMX415 sensor | F1.8 aperture | 7 high-transparency lens elements | Utilizes advanced video processing technology to ensure smooth 4K Ultra HD video recording.

Built-in 5GHz WIFI: The data rate is much higher than 2.4GHz, less susceptible to interference, improving the connection between the driving recorder and the app. .View/download/share video files easily with LINGDU App (IOS/Android available). It can not only save evidence, but also provide convenience for you to share the scenery of your journey on social media.

Voice Control: For safe driving, a hands-free voice function is designed, you can use the driving recorder with voice commands. Keep it simple with hands-free voice commands for effortless control.

Built-in GPS: Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location, driving route and driving speed. Track GPS data on PC with GPS Player.

Upgraded Type-C Interface: This upgrade effectively avoids potential issues like black screens and freezing during use. It offers better connectivity, data transfer speed, compatibility, and durability, ensuring longer-lasting usage.

Free 64GB TF Card: Before use, please format the SD card. The compatible storage card should meet the basic requirements of Class 10 or U3 (maximum support of 256GB).

24-hour Parking Monitoring Function: Requires the installation of an additional Type-C 3-Lead Hardwire Kit, which needs to be purchased separately (search ASIN: B0BML1DK8W).

  • If you require any professional assistance, please feel free to leave us a message.

Superb Image Quality: Sony Starvis IMX415 Sensor

The Sony Starvis IMX415 sensor and its outstanding image quality make it an exceptional dash cam for recording. With the Sony IMX415 high-sensitivity image sensor, a 6-glass lens, and an F/1.8 aperture, the dash cam ensures clear details even in low light conditions. It allows you to capture clear images and details of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, providing super night vision video. This dashcam records clear images and detailed footage both during the day and at night.

5GHz Wi-Fi & GPS

  • Download and use our LINGDU mobile application to preview and play recorded files on your iOS and Android devices and make setting changes. Easily share recorded videos on social media through 5GHz Wi-Fi connection.

  • Use our LINGDU GPS player to view and accurately track your driving route. This will be crucial evidence whether you are falsely accused of traffic violations or involved in an accident.

  • Impressive Night Vision

    The AM100 dashcam is equipped with an advanced Sony Starvis IMX415 sensor, providing clear 4K video and enhanced details in low-light conditions. It makes it a reliable day and night guardian for your vehicle.

  •  Loop Recording

    When the storage card is full and cannot record new videos, the loop recording function automatically overwrites the oldest files to ensure that the dashcam is always recording. This function helps save storage space and protects important driving data without requiring manual deletion of old records.

  • Parking Monitoring
    There are two parking modes to choose from:

  • Time-Lapse Parking Mod
    Collision Detection Parking Mode
    This function is only valid when the matching 3-Lead Hardwire Kit is installed correctly, and the output current of the Hardwire Kit needs to reach 2.5A. (not included, need to be purchased separately, search: B0BML1DK8W)

  • Free 64GB MicroSD Card:

    Equip your dash cam with a dedicated 64GB storage card. The included memory card also ensures that you have a reliable and compatible dash cam option without having to worry about separately searching for and purchasing one. Additionally, it supports up to a maximum of 256GB (Class 10, U3 speed).

  • Broader View:

  • 150° wide-angle car camera reduces blind spots and captures more road details. The front-facing camera records when the vehicle starts, providing comprehensive and timely protection for your car.

  • Super Capacitor:

  • Compared to lithium battery types, the design of supercapacitors can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 158°F, mitigating the risks of overheating, explosion, and melting, and significantly extending the lifespan.