Jianpai Black and White Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Male and Female Lovers 5-mode USB Charging IPX7 Waterproof Sonic Electric

Price: 2,624 - 475

Product description

MODEL                       :  S10

BATTERYLIFE             :  45DAYS



WATER PROOF         : IPX7

RATED POWER        : 1.8W


MODES                  :WHITE/BLACK

Timing function: 2 minutes automatic shutdown,30secondsautomatic pause

prompt to remind you tochange the brushing areas.Additional details

When using this product for the first timebecause of the high-speed

vibration of bristles, some people will have the feeling ofirritation or

numbness, please don't worry,this is a normal phenomenonthis feeling will

gradually weaken after two dayscompletely disappear within a week. If the

toothbrush is not used for a long timethe charging indicator will not show

for a short time when you charge the toothbrush again Please wait patiently

for 6-10 minutes to return to normal.When chargingthe main body of the

toothbrush feels slightly hotwhich is normal;if it feels hot please cut off the

power supply and take it to our manufacturer for inspection.Only our

specialized brush head can be used for this toothbrush.This product is

designed to clean teeth,gums and tongues only.Do not use for any other

purpose.This product is for personal use only,and cannot be used by denta

clinics or institutions for mixed use with multiple patients.Do not place the

toothbrush ind direct sunlightand should be stored in a dry and ventilated

place at-7°C to 40°C.If you have allergic oral cavity/have just received oral

or periodontal surgery or are undergoing treatment/have other symptoms

in the oral cavity(weak dentures),etc./people with continuous bleeding or

massive bleeding in the gums, please do not use this product,or consult a

dentist before use.Children under 10 should be used under the guidance of

their guardian. Children under 6 years old are not recommended to use this

product. Please cut off the power when the charging stand is not in use or

before cleaning. Do not allow hair care products(e.g.gelsoils) or hand

sanitizers to contact this product to avoid damage to its surface.Regular

cleaning of the power plug to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt

which can reduce insulation effects resultingin overheating or electric shock

and unnecessary losses.The main body of the scrapped toothbrush should

be treated in accordance with the local regulations for the recycling of small

household appliances or send it back to our factory for unified disposal.