Insulin Refrigerated Box Portable Drug Storage Box Medicines Vaccines Interferon Refrigerated Containers Mini Refrigerator

Price: 17,012 - 10,929

*Drug refrigerated box: suitable for drugs such as insulin, interferon, targeted drugs, vaccines, eye drops, traditional Chinese medicine liquid, etc
*Semiconductor cooling chip, upgraded version 5.0 chip, faster and more energy-efficient cooling
*2-8 ℃ cycle refrigeration, 360 ° comprehensive cooling insulation
*Small size, large capacity, can accommodate 4-6 insulin pens
*With temperature display screen, it can monitor the internal temperature of the refrigeration box at any time
*Portable design that can be carried around, suitable for camping, business trips, travel, car, office, etc
*Equipped with a timed alarm clock, each press of the alarm button delays the time by 30 minutes
*Scientific management to prevent card loss, handwritten phone information, and easy retrieval if lost

Button Functions Introduction:
Right click function 1: On/Off

① When using battery power, press and hold the right button for 3 seconds to turn it on/off
② When using an external power cord for power supply, the powered product will automatically turn on, and when unplugging the power cord, it will automatically shut down without the need for a long press.
Right click function 2: View remaining battery
Right click to view, 100% battery level displays 100, 99% battery level displays B99. If charging while working, 99% battery level displays P99.

Left click function 1: Timed reminder setting

① Quick timer mode:
     Press the left button once to enter the default timer 0.5 hour mode, display the number D0.5, and automatically start the timer;
② Autonomous timing mode:
     Long press and hold the left button to display the number U0.5, enter the timing setting mode, and then press the left button to adjust the time. Each press increases the time by 0.5 hours (up to 6 hours).       After reaching the desired time, let it sit and wait for 24 seconds to automatically return to the temperature display. Finally, press the left button again to confirm startup, and the screen flashes twice

Left click function 2: timed reminder setting
①: Long press and hold the left button to enter the time adjustment mode. Each click will increase the time by 0.5 hours.
      The screen displays in order: 0.5, 1H, 1.5, 2H, 2.5, 3H, 3.5, 4H, 4.5, 5H, 5.5, 6H, up to 6 hours.
②: The timing function can be reset after shutdown and restart.
Note: When the scheduled time expires, the product will emit a beep sound. Press the left button to turn it off.


Product size:24*9.5*14.5cm(as shown)
Packaging size:29*17.5*13cm(as shown)
Type A: about 1.25kg    Type B: about 1.65kg       Type C: about 1.7kg
Output power: 5W
Working noise:<30dB
Battery life: 12h
Refrigeration temperature: 2~8 ℃
Power supply method:  Type A: USB     Type B/Type C: USB+battery
Product List:
Type A: Refrigerated box*1,Adapter*1,USB cable*1

Type B: Refrigerated box*1,Adapter*1,USB cable*1,Battery*1
Type C: Refrigerated box*1,Adapter*1,USB cable*1,Battery*1,Handbag*1


Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. 
The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Product Details Introduction:

Professional refrigeration
Solve the problem of refrigerated drugs when going out
Tips:Drugs such as insulin, interferon, targeted drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, vaccines, eye drops, etc. all require professional refrigerated boxes to avoid spoilage and cross infection.

Accurate temperature control
2-8 ℃ cycle refrigeration, 360 ° C comprehensive cooling insulation
Keep the cabin in the most suitable temperature range for medication, suspend cooling below 2 ° C, and automatically cool down above 8 ° C.

Unique top cooling mode, rejecting clogged air vents

Equipped with a timed alarm clock, delaying the alarm button time by 30 minutes every time it is pressed
Tips:When insulin enters the subcutaneous tissue, it is a hexamer molecule that needs to dissociate into dimers, then into monomers, and finally enter the bloodstream. The dissociation process takes 15 to 30 minutes; Therefore, the doctor suggests eating around 30 minutes after the insulin injection

Scientific management to prevent card loss, handwritten phone information can be easily retrieved if lost

Semiconductor refrigeration chip
Upgraded version 5.0 chip, faster cooling and more energy-efficient


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