Ins 500ml Transparent Plastic Bottle Sport Bottles Girl Travel Time Scale Cup Clear BPA Free Water Bottle Time Marker

Price: 417 - 288

Item name:Transparent Plastic Bottle (ins Time Scale Cup)


Product name: Time scale cup

Material: Food grade plastic PC

Size (approximately): 500ml: Approximately 22.5cm in height, 6.6cm in width

750ml: Approximately 22.5cm high and 7.8cm wide

Product advantages

1. Large capacity/multi-purpose

Large capacity 500ML ./750ML

Drink water, juice, milk, coffee

It is also suitable as a breakfast cup,

2. Cup mouth design

Smooth lip protection

Large diameter for easy cleaning

3. Sealing design

Built-in food-grade sealing ring in cup lid

Durable and not easy to age

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