Hummingbird Feeder Long Bar Simulation Flower Animal Drinking Container With Perch For Standing Easy Filling Clear Bird Feeders

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Hat Hummingbird Feeder Handheld Hummingbird Feeders With Clips & Red Berries Bird Feeders Tube For Hat & Hand Gift For Bird Lovers


  • 【HAT HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS】A HAT IS NOT INCLUDED. This little feeder is made to attach to the bill of a hat or visor to give you a close-up view of your hummingbirds. The end is shaped like a paperclip allowing you to easily slide it on the hat. The clip should not be bent open, just keep it flat and slide it on the hat so it fits tightly.

  • 【HANDHELD HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS】It can also be used as a handheld feeder with the end providing an adequate handle. Three red berries were added to the feeder to help attract the birds and a for landing is on the end. The vial easily slides in and out of the copper coil for cleaning and filling.

  • 【CLOSE TO NATURE】This 10-inch feeder is very practical and will provide an up-close experience for you bird lovers. The hat needs to fit tight on your head to support this feeder. It may be to take current feeders down and set them aside temporarily. You can then sit/stand where they normally feed.

  • 【NOTES】Please do not assume you will get hummingbirds to eat that closely if you don’t have/feed hummingbirds. Those who feed hummingbirds and are outside when they eat to know how close they can get and whether a feeder like this will work for them. If you already have a tube-style feeder, it helps the birds figure these out. It will not take long for birds to get comfortable and feed from your hand or hat.

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Product Description:

Hat Hummingbird Feeder Handheld Hummingbird Feeders with Clips & Red Berries Bird Feeders Tube for Hat & Hand, Gift for Bird Lovers

Material: Plastic

Color: as the picture shows, (Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may have slight color difference. please make sure you do not mind before ordering, Thank you!)

Package weight: 150g