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Price: 2,833 - 1,832

Name: Storage folding cat trough
Material: wool felt
Scope of use: universal for cats

Specifications: M code (pet cat about 4kg)
Specifications: XL size (pet cat about 7.5kg)

M: diameter: 50cm inner diameter: 18cm height: 20cm
XL: diameter: 60cm inner diameter: 19cm height: 28cm

1. Due to manual measurement, there is an error of 1-3cm
2. Due to different monitors, there is a certain color difference.

1. The packaging traces caused by the product packaging method will not affect the normal use of the product. The product can be basically restored in about a week. Buyers can also try using a hot dryer to restore the product.
2. If buyers are very concerned about packaging traces, please consider carefully before purchasing this product.