Fishing Reel Double Brake 5.2:1 High Speed Metal Spool Spinning Saltwater Carp Reel Fishing 3000-6000

Price: 3,976 - 2,406



Type: Front and Rear Double Brake Reel
Rock Arm: Left and right interchangeable
Suitbale Fish: Middle and large size fish
Suitable Rod: Telescopic rod, rock rod, raft rod and lure rod
Gear Ratio: 5.2: 1
Series: 3000 4000 5000 6000
Spool: Metal
Rock Arm: Metal collapsible
Ball Bearing: One-way bearing
1. Metal spool. It is beautiful and light weight and more conductive to cast.
2. High strength reel feet. The wheel seat is made of good quality material, it can be closely connected with fishign rod.
3.Metal rock arm. It is collapsible and left and right interchangeable.
4. Front and rear brake system. It can change according to the actual fishign needs and help you to catch bigh fish.
1 x Fishing Reel