DVR Dash Cam for Car Dashcam Camera WIFI FULL HD 1080P Wireless Night Version Video Recorder Cameras for iphone IOS Android

Price: 6,618 - 2,581

How to connect to mobile phone wifi

1. Scan the code download software,

2. Open the mobile phone WLAN, connect the recorder hotspot,

3. Enter password confirmation (12345678).

4. Enter the downloaded software.

Capturing more details than you thought.

With a 140° field-of-view, the Dash Cam ensures your safety by covering full three lanes of traffic.

Monitor your vehicle, anywhere, anytime.

Connecting with the Car Cam Hardwire Kit, which powers the dash cam to continue operating while the car is parked. The built-in G sensor enables the dash cam detects sudden shakes or collisions, prompting the dash cam to record the emergency and save videos automatically.

Time – Lapse Recording

The Dash Cam enables long-term continuous recording at one frame per second while the car is parked. Hours-long surveillance video can be played back in minutes, catching crucial events quickly.

Kindly Reminder: To enable time-lapse recording of the Dash Cam, the Hardwire Kit is required to be installed and sold separately.

Stable performance, In any light conditions.

The 3D Noise Reduction algorithm removes unwanted pixels in the image, especially when recording in darker environments. With WDR image processing technology, it helps balance exposure level of the Dash Cam, producing clear images under any undesirable lightings.

Have fun, Share your life.

App simply enables users download photos and videos and share to the mainstream social media platforms. We enable each user to discover more via those shard beautiful scenery, excellent videos, and so on.

1.Attach the voice recorder to the windshield with the lens down

2.Route the power cord along the AB stand.

3.Insert the wiring into the window gap.

4.Turn on the power to complete the wiring.