Dr.BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush C1 IPX7 Level Waterproof Wireless Induction Charging 20 Days Standby with 2pcs Toothbrush Head

Price: 2,887 - 3,378

Product parameter
Product size L232mm, 25mm
Product number BET-C01
Product net weight 90g (brush handle + 1 brush head)
Rated voltage 3.7V
Rated power 2W
Input parameter 5V-1A
Battery type Lithium battery
Battery capacity 700mAh
Charging time It takes more than 4 hours to fully charge
Executive standard GB 4706.1-2005, GB 4706.59-2008
Dr.BER Sonic Electric Toothbrush C1

1Magnetic levitation sonic motor breaks down stubborn tooth stains
2Imported soft fur from Japan for deep cleaning between teeth
3Smart zone change reminds you to brush your teeth scientifically and efficiently
4Wireless induction charging to fully charge in 4 hours
5IPX7 grade waterproof without fear of whole body washing
6High-quality travel box, easy to carry

31000 times minute high-frequency sound wave to remove stains and yellows
5.5mm swing, stable output and high efficiency net gear
A new generation of brushless DC motor, strong power, disintegrate tooth stains, dual-bearing noise reduction technology, lower noise, and comfortable experience.

Patented bristles layout* scientifically clean every corner
The scientific bristles layout patented by Dr. Bei: 2 mountain-shaped structure + 1 sandwich bristles layout, which can quickly penetrate into the gingival sulcus. It is a scientific bristles arrangement method for cleaning teeth and caring for the gingival sulcus.

Selected soft hair with a pass rate of only 50%, healthy and antibacterial, deep cleansing, care for the gums, flexible and powerful

The 0.01mm fine clean tooth gap is deeply cleaned, and the antibacterial bristles with 99% antibacterial rate are healthy and safe. The antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99%

The double-effect brush head meets different needs. 1 Clean powerful cleaning, DuPont imported bristles, suitable for people with more tooth stains and tartar. 2 Sensitive Gum cares for the gums, Japanese Toray imported soft hair, suitable for people who are prone to bleeding when brushing their teeth.

The two cleaning modes are simple and practical. One-key switching, convenient operation, automatic stop in 2 minutes, the first time you use an electric toothbrush, the gentle mode is recommended. 1 The standard mode is recommended for daily cleaning. 2 The gentle mode is recommended for oral sensitive periods.

Smart zone change reminder, efficient brushing. The dental expert divides the oral cavity into 4 areas. The toothbrush shakes once every 30 seconds to remind the area to clean, and it stops automatically in 2 minutes. Brush your teeth in 30 seconds for 30 seconds, with a short pause, remind you to change zones for 2 minutes and brush your teeth for 2 minutes. After cleaning your teeth, it will automatically shut down.

IPX7 full-body waterproof without fear of being soaked in flushing water for 30 minutes, it can operate normally on a daily basis, avoiding short circuits and malfunctions caused by water leakage, and is safe and worry-free.

Wireless induction charging, battery life 20 days*. Put it on and charge, say goodbye to cumbersome, 4 hours fast charge, overcharge protection mode, full automatic power off.

The high-quality travel case is convenient for traveling, easy to use, and easy to carry on business trips. It can also be used for daily storage, clean and hygienic.

Pink, blue and white, three-color choice, multi-color life is not monotonous, and it will give you a fresh and good mood.

1 The fuselage has one button, beautiful and seamless. 2 Non-slip handle design, comfortable and dirt-resistant. 3Wireless charging base, charging immediately after putting it on.

Brush handle*1 sensitive brush head*1 cleaning brush head*1 travel storage box*1 charging base*1 manual*1