Dog Shock Collar Rechargeable Training Collar With Remote 2600FT Smart And Waterproof Collar with 3 Training Modes for All Breed

Price: 7,858 - 4,557

Unleash Your Dog's Potential:

Experience the power of our smart and safe remote dog training collar. Whether it's training, walking, or playing, this shock collar helps correct undesirable behaviors like chewing and excessive barking, while reinforcing good behavior, focus, and off-leash control. It's the key to a healthier, well-behaved, and intelligent furry family member.

Adjustable Comfort for All Breeds:

Our dog e collar's flexibility allows for a customized fit, catering to small, medium, and large dogs (10-110 lbs). Your dog will enjoy a comfortable and secure fit during every training session and outdoor adventure.

Three Training Functions,

Gentle Stimulation: Choose from three training modes – beep sound, vibration (0-16 levels), and shock (0-16 levels) – to find the perfect setting for your dog's needs. Rest assured, the stimulation is gentle and harmless. With a remarkable control range of up to 2600ft, you can confidently train your dog from a distance.

Package content

Remote control

Receiver*1 Collar *1

USB cable

Test light *1 Silicone *4

User manual

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What should the duration of each dog training session be?

A: 10–15 minutes. :10-15。

Q: If your dog isn't responding to the electric shock, consider these solutions.

1. If the dog's hair is too long, it can be ruffled to the sides so that the Receiver's static electrodes can reach the dog's skin.
2. Extended silicone caps can also be fitted if the dog's hair is too long.
3. Finally, directly shaving the dog's neck just before putting on the Receiver will allow the static electrodes to reach the dog's skin.