Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 14kPa Household Silent Strong Suction Dust Collector Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner 1.2L Dust Bucket

Price: 12,218

Main Features:
– 2 for one purpose: manual and vertical
Remove brushes with ergonomic hoses and conch to maintain and operate
– Large Dust Barrel
You can meet the cleaning requirements of super large areas and facilitate daily use.
– Cotton Hand Wash Filter
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– Application
Suitable for cleaning hardwood, carpet, tile floor, car, bed, etc.

– Empty: More than 14,000 Pa
Voltaje 220 V
Potencia nominal: 600 W
– Dust barrel volume: 1.2L
Material: ABS PC
– Power cord length: 5 meters

– Don't use machines outside or in damp places Don't grasp the machine with wet hands
– Use and maintain all parts of hair, clothing, fingers and body away from suction and movement to avoid suction or entanglement.
– You can't use it as a toy. When using the machine, special attention should be paid to safety, if there are children nearby.
– When connecting or replacing accessories, turn off the power of the machine.
– Don't put anything big into the vacuum sucking mouth. Don't block the sucking mouth.


Basic information

Dimensiones y peso

Peso del producto

1,8000 kg

Product size

20.65 x 12.80 x 101.95 cm/8.13 x 5.04 x 40.14 inches

Peso del paquete

2,0000 kg

Package size

14.50 x 12.50 x 58.50 cm/5.71 x 4.92 x 23.03 inches

Package contents

Package contents

A host machine, a mud, a flat suction, a round comb, a mango

Deerma household Vacuum cleaner
Three brush heads
Triple dust filter
Power motor
Compact Size
Lightweight putter mode Can be used anywhere
Living  room Bedroom
Kitchen Study
Agile handheld mode Do not let go of the dust in the corner
Bed mattress Windowsill
Curtain Keyboard
Equipped with three brush heads Every corner of the house can be cleaned
How to change the brush head
Unplug the origina brush head
Insert the brush head to be replaced
Push hard to the bottom
90 degree floor brush Easy to clean the floor
Clean the bottom of the table the chair and other low angles
1cm wide flat mouth suction Deep cleaning
Deep into the slits.
adsorbing dust and large particles
Large diameter round brush Suck while brushing, double effect
Brush out the dander dust in the bed
Triple filter Creating a clean environment
1.2L net dust cup HEPA filter
Net dust sponge
Filter can be washed Reuse, environmental protection
Pure copper motor Provide lasting suction
Low loss High efficiency Long life  Low noise Small volume
large suction Quickly clean all kinds of garbage
Small and exquisite Storage is simple and portable
Product details
Host air vent
Ergonomic handle Dust cup
Equipped with three brush heads
Soft rubber brush
5M long wire

Installation method
1. Open the handle lock and insert the push rod
2. PuSh the push rod to the end and fasten the lock
3. The lock is matched and the installation is completed
– Vacuum: more than 14000Pa
– Voltage: 220V
– Rated power: 600W
– Dust bucket volume: 1.2L
– Material: ABS, PC
– Power cord length: 5M
Basic Information
Dimensions and Weight
Product weight1.8000 kg
Product size20.65 x 12.80 x 101.95 cm / 8.13 x 5.04 x 40.14 inches
Package weight2.0000 kg
Package size14.50 x 12.50 x 58.50 cm / 5.71 x 4.92 x 23.03 inches
Package Contents
Package Contents1 x Main Machine, 1 x Ground Brush, 1 x Flat Mouth Suction, 1 x Round Brush, 1 x Handle