Cotton Pillow For Pregnant 2pcs/Set Breastfeeding Cushion Nursing Pillow For Baby U-shaped Newborn Feeding Adjustable Cushion

Price: 5,826

Multifunctional nursing pillow

Pillow core fabric: pure cotton high-count cotton, woven, after washing
treatment, can be disassembled and washed, machine washing does not
Pillow weight: about 500g (including packaging)
Pillow lining: nonwoven
Big pillow size: 58*39*13 cm
Small pillow size: 20*20 cm

5 functions:

1. The pressure on the legs during pregnancy is high, you can pad the feet to the waist, a good partner for nap

2. After the baby is born, breastfeed and liberate mother's hands

3. Supporting shaped pillow, improve baby's head shape problem, cute shape

4. After breastfeeding, baby can learn to sit on the pillow, growth is easier

5. Can be used as a sitting pillow to reduce the pressure on the waist and reduce the pain of spine after sitting for a long time

The color show: