Children Sonic Electric Toothbrush Colorful Cartoon For Kids Ultrasonic Soft Fur Automatic Waterproof With Replacement Heads

Price: 1,401 - 248

1. The cartoon toothbrush specially designed for children's teeth cleaning has a small body, light weight and cute shape, allowing children to hold and brush their teeth easily without pressure with one hand.

2. This electric toothbrush uses a high-density 3D soft-bristled brush head to gently massage the teeth and gums, gently clean the mouth, reduce tooth damage, and bring the baby a comfortable brushing experience.

3. Vibration frequency of 19800 times per minute, low noise of 60db, powerful and efficient cleaning of the oral cavity, gently drive away the dirt in the teeth gap.

4. 4 brushing modes (cleaning mode/care mode/sensitive mode/polishing mode) to meet different cleaning needs and protect children's dental health.

5. Plastic handle type turbine, unique non-slip design, ergonomics, making brushing easier.

6. IPX6 waterproof, the whole body can be washed (not soaked in water), so that children can brush their teeth in the bath.

7. 2 minutes smart timing, 30 seconds to change zone reminder, to prevent children from brushing their teeth for too long and causing damage to the teeth.

Material: ABS
Color: White, light blue, pink, green, dark blue, yellow, red
Size: 20*3.5CM
Weight: 0.1kg
Packing size: 60*60*200mm
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Rated power: 0.8W
Rated voltage: 1.2V
Waterproof rating: IPX7
Vibration frequency: 19800 times/min
Charging time: 3 hours
Life time: 60 days

Packing List:

1* Electric toothbrush
6* Toothbrush heads
1* USB Charging Cable
1* User Manual