CANDOUR 5168 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Adult Timer Brush USB Rechargeable Electric Tooth Brushes with 8pc Replacement Brush Head

Price: 7,375 - 3,097

Note: The charging base is not waterproof.

CANDOUR CD-5168 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Toothbrush IPX8 Waterproof 15 Mode USB Charger Replacement Heads Set

1.Vibration frequency:37,500 beats per minute
2.Stainless steel metal shafts cost at least five times more than ordinary plastic shafts and last longer
3.Fifteen brushing modes can meet different oral care needs
4.Five gear position: clean beautiful white polish nurse is sensitive each gear position has micro in the strong force can adjust can always adjust to the most suitable for your strength and mode
5.An automatic 2-minute brushing timer ensures that the dentist recommends the time
Every 30 seconds to make sure you completely brush all four area of your mouth.
6.LED charging indicator with low power warning and power off protection
7.Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, up to 6 weeks on a single charge (Use twice a day for 2 minutes each time)
8.This product has passed IPX8 waterproof grade test

CD5168 electric toothbrush product function

IPX8 waterproof level Comfort and safety are more intimate

High efficiency maglev acoustic motor

Thoroughly clean the tooth gap, rinse the cavity dead Angle31,000 to 37,500 vibrations per minuteOne minute is equivalent to a month of manual brushing


electric brush

15 brushing patterns

Five models*3 speed stepless variable
peed adjustment combination

Wireless induction charging lasts a long time

Full battery life up to 40 days
ong lasting lasting

Buy electric toothbrushes only with stainless steel metal shafts. Stainless steel metal transmission shaft, more durable than plastic, more expensive, and better vibration effect