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Price: 8,327 - 4,163

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This is our new gel pillow that is comfortable, cool, smooth and non-irritating to the skin.

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Material: slow rebound material
Inner core: memory cotton + gel
Inner sleeve: 10% polyester fiber
Weight:about 1046g
Color: White
Product features
1. Quickly and evenly disperse the heat of the human body and keep the pillows ventilated and dry.
2. Effectively separate bacteria and protect the respiratory system.
3. Effectively maintain a constant temperature effect.
4. Soft and comfortable, smooth and not irritating to the skin.
5. Effectively reduce human skin temperature by 1.5-2 degrees Celsius.
6. Designed in accordance with ergonomic principles.
7. The style is clean and generous, with fine workmanship and good durability.
8.Dry and sweat-absorbent, the neck is not stuffy.
Package Included
1 x Cool Gel Pillow