Bird Bath Bowl with Solar Pump Waterproof Solar Bird Feeder Water Fountain with 6 Nozzles Hanging Solar Water Pump Energy Saving

Price: 6,485 - 2,918

[Hanging Solar Water Pump] This solar water pump comes with a hanging bird bath bowl that adopts a deep center and shallow outside, have a diameter of 30.5cm/12in and 6cm/2.3in depth. With a large capacity for storing water. The bird bath bowl comes with 3 metal chain and 1 hook that is convenient to hang outdoor attracting hummingbirds and watching birds bathing and dancing.

[6 Different Nozzles] This solar water pump comes with 6 nozzles that can make different effect of spray height and spray shape. The maximum delivery lift is about 90cm/35.4in. And the maximum spray height is about 85cm/33.4in. It comes with 1 spray nozzle base and 1 adapter that are easy to assemble and detach.

[Solar Powered Energy Saving] This solar water pump features solar powered with a solar panel. No batteries or electricity required. The solar bird bath fountains are powered by direct sunlight. It is convenient to use, just put it under the sun(sufficient / strong sunlight condition) it will work within 3 seconds. Energy saving and eco-friendly. (Note: This solar water fountain will not work in cloudy or rainy day.)

[High-quality Material] This solar water pump with bird bath bowl is made of high-quality PP, ABS, solar silicon panel, metal and other materials. Waterproof, strong, wear resistant and not easy to break. Effective to receive solar energy and suitable for long time use.

[Perfect Combo Set] This bird bath bowl with solar pump is consisted of a bird bath hanging bowl and a solar fountain pump. Easy to hang in outdoor and ideal for bird baths, fish tanks, small ponds, swimming pools, gardens, etc. Attract birds and make the garden more interesting.


This bird bath bowl with solar pump features solar powered, comes with 6 nozzles making different spray effect. Perfect for attracting birds. Suitable for bird bath, garden, small pond, etc.

Key Feature:

Bird Bath Bowl: This solar water pump is designed with a bird bath bowl design. The bird bath bowl has a large capacity holding water that is convenient for birds to drink water.

Beautiful Decoration: This bird bath bowl with solar pump comes with 6 nozzles, that will easily make different spray height and effect. Easy to attract birds and make the garden, patio, pond more beautiful and attractive.


Name: Bird Bath Bowl with Solar Pump

Bird Bath Bowl Diameter: 30.5× 6cm/12×2.3in

Material: PP, Chain

Solar Water Pump voltage: DC 7V

Maximum Delivery Lift: 90cm/35.4in

Maximum Spray Height: 85cm/33.4in

Solar Panel Voltage:7V

Solar Panel Power:1.5W

Water Pump Power:1.4W

Maximum Flow Rate:19OL/H

Solar Panel Size: 110×110mm

Material ABS, Solar Silicon Panel


1. We recommend that you place the solar water fountain somewhere it is likely to receive direct sunlight when possible. This solar water fountain will not work in cloudy or rainy day.

2. There may be slight differences between the picture and the actual color of the commodity. We will try our best to show you the exact color

3. Please allow slight dimension difference due to manual measurement

1× Bird Bath Bowl

1× Solar Water Pump

6× Nozzle (Different Effects)

1× Nozzle Base

1× Adapter

Portable Solar Water Fountain ,Decorative Solar Bird Bath Fountain ,Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain