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Price: 3,647 - 2,188

Product parameters:

Name: baby cuddle pillow
Material: Polyester (surface), XPE (fill)
Color: Sky Blue Cherry Blossom Pink
Size: 70*30cm
Weight: load within 25kg
Applicable age: for 0-12 months


1. Be sure to protect the head and neck when the newborn baby is held horizontally

2. Babies within three months have a fragile neck and need to support the baby's head and neck when held horizontally.

3. A soft and supportive cuddle can protect the healthy development of your baby's cervical spine.

4. The cuddle pad is designed based on the average data of the back curve of the newborn baby. It is mainly to protect the soft lumbar spine, spine and head of the baby. It is a fixed shape object that is neither soft nor hard. It can support the weight of the baby while the baby lies on it will be comfortable again