Automatic Pet Feeder, Smart Food Kibble Dispenser, Timer Stainless Steel Bowl, Cat and Dog Accessories, 4L

Price: 14,029 - 8,557

WIFI Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

Product Parameters:
Material: Food grade plastic+high-quality spare parts
Voltage: DC 5V
Cable length: 2M
Body color: White / Black
Size: 295 * 300 * 185mm
Control method: Button / WIFI-APP
Power plug: CN Plug / EU Plug / US Plug / UK Plug / AU Plug / KR Plug / JP Plug
Button feeder: Timed and quantitative setting.
WIFI-APP feeder: Remote control by mobile phone, timing and quantitative settings, and real-time voice call function.

Product Features:
1. Unique grain outlet switch design, fresh and insect proof, refusing to get stuck in grain.
2.4L large capacity grain storage, with regular and quantitative feeding settings, pet owners have no worries when traveling.
3. There are two power supply methods: power plug and battery. If there is an unexpected power outage, the battery power supply will be automatically switched.
4. Easy to assemble and clean.

Reminder: Battery model: 3pcs * 3AA dry battery. Due to transportation restrictions, the product does not include batteries. 3AA dry batteries need to be configured by oneself!!!