5mm Colourful Cartoon Pattern PU Yoga Mat Soft Eco-friendly Natural Rubber Material Non-slip Resilience Yoga Training Mattress

Price: 12,766 - 9,575

About This Item:

Product name: natural rubber yoga mat

Material: natural rubber material

Size: 183*68*0.5cm

Characteristics: natural environmental protection harmless material; wet and dry non-slip; fast sweat absorption; soft shock absorption

Package Include: 1 yoga mat, 1 yoga bandage, 1 yoga mesh bag


About the smell PU natural rubber yoga mat will start to have a slight smell, because we did not add any chemical aromatics to cover up, this is the natural rubber itself, environmentally friendly and harmless, please rest assured that the use. The odour will slowly dissipate during use, if you are sensitive to odour, please lay flat and ventilate for a period of time.