4K HD 2160P Plug and Play WiFi Car DVR Video Recorder Dash Cam For BMW 5Series G30 G31 7Series G11 G12 2017-2021 Front DashCam

Price: 11,857 - 12,620

note:How to Choose the Correct Model,Automobile standards vary from country to country,Besed on Your Rear View Mirror CoverPlease Contact customer service to send photos when you buy it!Reminder: The driving recorder in this store is a special model for special vehicles.In order to avoid the mismatch between the model and the car, you need to provide the model and year when purchasing, and take a photo of the installation location to the customer service stafffor verification.We will reply you as soon as possible from a professional perspective Information. thanks for your cooperation. (ps: There is no model year check before the product is shipped, we will send the order to purchase the product by default),and the buyer will be responsible for all the consequences if you can't install them after receiving the goods!

Easy Installation

You don't need to remove the A-pillar. It also doesn't affect the airbags or take up the cigarette lighter plug. Just a few steps to plug and play.
Power is taken from the rain fall sensor. After rigorous testing, the function of the sensor will not be affected after installation.
Due to the ease of installation, a large number of Chinese car dealers use this method to install dash camera for buyers. No need to worry about security issues.

Please know: the default configuration of the product is ACC fuse cable, and the rainwater cable in the picture is free of charge. The rainwater cable in the picture is for reference only. The rainwater cable only supports 98% of the models on the market, and the standards in each country are different. I can't guarantee that the cables in each country are the same, so I will send you two cables to get electricity. If the rainwater cable doesn't work, you can use ACC fuse cable to get electricity.

Built-in WIFI & In-app Control

You can use the built-in WiFi to connect the mobile phone and the dash camera, view the video through APP, and also download the ultra-high-definition 2160P video to the mobile phone.

Supports languages in multiple countries

4K Full HD High Resolution

For SONY HD lens,It will not crash even under high-intensity work. With an 8 megapixel lens, and provide professional 30fps video, which can vividly capture your driving moments and record detailed evidence.Flagship image sensor with 6 sets of 2160Pultra clear glass lenses, Inthe fusion F1.6 large aperture at a glance in the night low light environment, details clearly visible.

Wide Dynamic Range

WDR significantly improve image clarity by reducing noise and adjusting exposure balance when recording in low-light or high-contrast environments.F1.6 aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark scenes.For Novatek 96670 Flagship chip

The newly upgraded For novatek 96670 processor, makes the recording very smooth and high-definition, saying goodbye to crashand card leakage.

Loop Recording

Auto overwrite the oldest videos with the newest when memory card reaches capacity. When the car starts, the dash cam will automatically turn on. When the car is locked, the dash cam will automatically turn off.
PS: We do not recommend using memory cards over 128GB.

Parking monitoring

24 hours a day to protect the safety of your carBe A Reliable Witness withBuilt-in G-sensor

Variable sensitivity G-Sensor automatically detects sudden shaking or collision when driving or parking, and immediately saves the relevant footage and locks it to event file.Time – Lapse Recording

The Dash Cam enables long-term continuous recording at one frame per second while the car is parked. Hours-long surveillance video can be played back in minutes, catching crucial events quickly.Dual View to Monitor the Roads Ahead andBehind

The front and rear cameras simultaneously capture the road front and rear in crystal details, provid-ing different perspectives and all-round protection for you. Front camera records a crystal clear HDvideo in 2160P/1600P/1080P resolution as what you need.

The 1080P rear camera can rotate 360° and be installed in the front of the car to capture your beau-tiful selfies or record precious memories in the car. It can also be installed behind the car to recordroad conditions. Flexible installation, whatever you like.1080P 360° Rotation Rear Camera,(For 2K Dual Cam Version) / (For 4K Dual Cam Version)(Suitable for installation in the car for shooting, not suitable for installation outside the car for shooting, not waterproof)

1080P Rear Camera(For 2K Dual Cam Version) / (For 4K Dual Cam Version)720P Rear Camera(For 1K Dual Cam Version)

Comparison of Different Options

Warm Tips

About Rear Camera
If you buy the single front camera version, you cannot add rear camera later, they are not compatible.
If you buy the dual front and rear camera version, the front camera will work just fine without the rear camera. So you can install the rear cam later.

About Delivery:
It would be helpful if you could let us know the model and year of your car and a picture of the original car rearview mirror cover before placing the order. After confirming the model with you, it will generally be shipped within 72 hours. Individual temporary out-of-stock products will be delayed.
Ship by Aliexpress Standard Shipping from China. You can choose to send it by DHL, the freight is subject to the price submitted for payment.

Return & Refund, 1 Year Warranty:
If there is any quality problem within 1 year, we will provide replacement parts for free. If it can't be solved by replacement parts, a new product will be sent for free. This warranty don't fit damage caused by accident, misuse, or modification.

About Feedback:
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