4K 7\

Price: 2,163 - 3,531


*1. For Wireless CarPlay&Android Auto: Support wireless connectivity with your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi to easily and safely make phone calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, use navigation, support voice assistant, and more.

*2. APP Connection: With a built in 2.4GHz high-speed WiFi module, you can open the mobile app to view, download live videos, take photos, and other functions through free WiFi. You can also directly control the recorder through your phone.

*3. GPS Tracking Report (not real-time): Note: This function only needs to be connected to our GPS module! Search for "GVPlayer", download and install it, and then review the driving track. ANTENNA IS REQUIRED.

*4. Real-time Reverse View: When reversing, the system will automatically activate the high-definition rear camera. REAR CAMERA (LENS) IS OPTIONAL.

*5. Gravity Sensor: G-Sensor can lock the current DVR video at critical moments (such as a car accident) to protect it from being overwritten.

*6. 24-hour Parking Monitoring: Equipped with a dedicated hard wire kit for delayed recording, achieving 1FPS/S parking monitoring function, increasing recording time by 25 times, ensuring recording integrity, saving space, and continuously recording 24 hours a day.

*7. Loop Recording: When the storage card is full, the previous recording is automatically overwritten with a new file, except for locked files.


*1. Front Camera Resolution: 4K (3840x2160P)

*2. Rear Camera(Lens) Resolution: 1080P

*3. Memory: max. 256G

*4. Input: 12-24V

*5. Screen Size: 7 inch

Package Includes:

1 x Car DVR

1 x Manual

1 x Power Cord

1 x AUX Cable

1 x GPS Tracker Antenna(optional)

1 x Rear Camera Data Cable(optional)

1 x Rear Camera(optional)

1 x Memory Card(optional)