4 Channel Car DVR HD 1080P 4-Lens Inside Vehicle Dash Cam Four Way Camera DVRs Recorder Video Registrator Dashcam Camcorder 24H

Price: 11,689 - 6,780


*1. [4-channel Driving Camera] 1080P FHD DVR camera is composed of a front lens, a left lens, a right lens, and an optional rear lens to cover as many as possible directions when you drive.

*2. [Crystal Clear Image] The 170-degree ultra-wide angle lens and 3-inch large LCD screen of the camera can capture clearer videos even when driving at high speed, allowing you to watch important moments again. The left and right lensed can be rotated independently to record the front and cabin images.

*3. [Built-in WIFI Module] Simple and easy to operate, you can view device videos and images in real time through the app. NOTE: The WiFi function is optional.

*4. [Night Vision & 24H Parking Monitoring] The cabin camera has an F1.8 aperture and 4 infrared lights. In addition to producing incredibly clear recordings, its image performance will be far superior to that of other driving recorders at night. These three cameras also integrate the latest and most sensitive night vision image sensors, so they can capture stunning images even in pitch-black spaces at night, recording 24/7.

*5. [Loop Recording & G-Sensor] Automatically overwrite the past videos when the memory card is full. G-sensor will be activated when there is a collision to lock the key video you need and prevent it from being overwritten.


*1. Resolution: Front 1920P+Left 1080P+Right 1080P+Rear 1080P

*2. Pixel: 1920 * 1080/30 frames

*3. Lens Angle: 170 degrees

*4. Screen: 3.0 inch IPS

*5. Loop Recording: supported

*6. G-sensor: supported

*7. Parking Monitoring: supported

*8. Mobile Detection: supported

*9. Memory Card: up to 64GB

*10. Power Interface: USB2.0/5V-2.5A

*11. Battery: 150MAH with protective plate

*12. Frequency: 50/60Hz

*13. Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, German, etc

*14. Working Temperature: -20°C~+70°C

Package Includes:

1 x Dashcam

1 x Bracket

1 x Power Cord

1 x Rear Camera (optional, Only in 4 Lens)

1 x Rear Camera Cable (optional)

1 x Memory Card (optional)


1) Do not charge when starting the vehicle, because transient bumps will damage the DVR.

2) Make sure that the new memory card is formatted in the DVR menu settings, not on the computer.

3) Be sure to use a high-speed Class 10 memory card, because other memory cards will indicate the full status.

4) Use only without the original charger. Do not use other car chargers.

5) If there is any problem with this camera, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.