2023 Original New Breast Pillow Chest Pillow Otaku Welfare Pillowcase Pillow Core Memory Foam Birthday Gift

Price: 3,301 - 1,816

Bullet Points:

1. Breast Pillow: This breast pillow is made of high-quality memory foam milk silk, which brings a super soft and plush feeling while helping it to restore its original shape.

2. Great Feelings: Big breasts and full cup size F. You won't believe how great these feelings are.

3. Ergonomic Design: It is suitable for many purposes, including gifts for sleeping, hugging, watching TV, reading books or birthdays, bachelor parties, graduation ceremonies, retirement, anniversaries, work events, etc.

4. Own Designer Pillowcase: Each pillow includes its own designer pillowcase to protect it, provide a soft touch, and show a wonderful shape.

5. Amazing Versatility: Our outstanding designers make this pillowcase suitable for multiple functions or activities. It can be used as a decorative pillowcase or as a decent but affordable gift idea.



The idea of a pillow is inspired by the senses and art of the city. Our vision for this unique pillow is now reality, and we are happy to share the final result with you. We have happy customers all over the world, men and women of all ages. The quality of the chest pillow is very important to us.


1. What is better than a pillow? A pillow with breasts! This breast pillow is the sexiest and most comfortable breast pillow ever.

2. This breast pillow is made of high-quality memory foam, which is very plush and comfortable, while maintaining its shape when not in use.

3. The design of this pillow uses a large cup size F breast.

4. Whether you are lying on your head or lying on the bed.

5. Breasts can bring an ergonomic feel.

6. Each breast pillow is also equipped with a specially designed pillowcase.

7. Made of high-quality materials to ensure comfort and show off the wonderful shape of your pillow.

8. The pillow size is like a pillow.


Name: Latex Chest Pillow

Size: about 29*20*14CM/11.42*7.87*5.51 inch

Fabric material: milk silk

Packing List:

Latex Chest Pillow*1