17+1BB Max Drag 21KG Spool Fishing Reel Gear 5.2:1 Ratio High Speed Spinning Reel Casting Reel Carp For Freshwater Saltwater

Price: 4,809 - 2,405

Spinning Reel Detail

1.Size:2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000
2.Ball Bearing:17+ 1
3.Gear Ratio:2000-3000 5.1:1 4000-7000 5.2:1
4.Max Drag(2000-7000): 11KG 13KG 15KG 17KG 19kg 21kg
5.Line Capacity:
2000-0.15mm-200M 0.20mm-150M
3000-0.15mm-220M 0.18mm-200M 0.20mm-180M
4000-0.20mm-300M 0.25mm-195M 0.30mm-135M
5000-0.25mm-225M 0.30mm-155M 0.35mm-115 M
6000-0.30mm-170M 0.35mm-125M 0.40mm-100M
7000-0.28mm-270M 0.33mm-200M 0.35mm-180M
1.High-performance stainless steel bearings provide smooth operation
2.Aluminum alloy main shaft to ensure light weight and high strength, more wear-resistant
3.Sophisticated brass gear system improves the impact resistance of the fishing reel and gives the fisherman a smoother experience
4.High-strength casters, made of high-quality materials, tightly connected to the fishing rod
5.Metal wire cup, beautiful and lightweight, easy to throw
6.Foldable metal rocker arm for more comfortable grip

Package List:
1* Fishing Reel